Thursday, 23 October 2008

Trade 3: Bottle opener ----> Gibson Guitar Strap

I was in Manchester meeting one of Ani's friends, Chris. Ani had told him about my big trade and as luck would have it, he had heard of the original red paper clip trade and was eager to help me out.

Luckier still, Chris worked in Game Station and was able to pick up a free Gibson guitar strap from a selection of freebies the employees get. The guitar strap was part of promotion for the game Guitar Hero.

I felt a little bad trading a bottle opener for a far superior guitar strap, particularly since Chris played guitar and had no need for a bottle opener. Still, I wasn't going to argue.

Since then I became rather stuck on the trading. I had a few offers but nothings came to fruition and I lost the momentum that I'd started with.

After complaints I decided I needed to give this venture the time and effort that it deserves. That's why I started this blog. I also posted the trade on to a few swap websites and sent out a message to the members of the facebook group asking for help to get things going again.

Here's where I listed the guitar strap.

Fingers crossed :)

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